A note on blog content


This blog is a filtered selection of posts from my Substack. I will endeavour to cross-post any narrative design and game design related posts to this page. For the latest and greatest updates subscribe to Thoughts of the Phantasm today!

A few general rules:

  • I am dyslexic, which is great! However, it does mean I have a tendency to misspell, misuse and butcher the English language. There will be mistakes but hopefully, the meaning of what I am writing will still ring true. If something doesn’t make sense just ask.
  • I won’t be posting about PlayStation London Studio projects until well after they are done and I am given the go-ahead to do so. NDAs and all that.
  • This blog will hopefully grow and change over time but I will try to keep it focused on narrative design. Call me out on it if you think I’m straying too far off-topic.
  • The views and opinions I share on this website are my own and are in no way those of PlayStation, London Studio, SIEE and related businesses & partners.

– Callum